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The Accreditation Commission for Allied Health Careers and Certifications, or ACAHC originally formed to establish standards of excellence for certification programs /organizations and to award programmatic accreditation and accreditation to certification programs that meet those standards.  Accreditation is not a mandatory requirement for certification programs to ensure the welfare, health, and safety of the public ACAHC uses a peer review process to establish accreditation standards, to evaluate compliance with these standards, to recognize certification programs/ organizations, which demonstrate compliance, and to serve as a resource on quality certification. To attain ACAHC accreditation, all credentialing organizations and programs must comply with certain business requirements as well as the appropriate standards.

Our Mission

Our primary purpose is to help you improve the quality and quantity of student learning by using our unparalleled industry expertise and resources.

The mission of the ACAHC is to evaluate, advocate for, and advance the quality of education for certification in Allied Health Career programs. The ACAHC fulfills this mission by:

  • Measuring allied health career credentialing organization provider’s knowledge and skills through rigorous credentialing programs;
  • Establishing standards of organizational performance through credentialing organizations accreditation;
  • Mandating Professional Continuing Education to maintain competency;
  • Administering a Professional Discipline program;
  • Communicating the value and importance of ACAHC credentials

Our Values

To achieve our mission, the ACAHC seeks to:

  • hold itself to high standards and ethical behavior
  • uphold the standards it establishes in a non-punitive manner
  • support diversity in all its many forms
  • promote self-examination and self-analysis of programs and curriculum
  • aspire to achieve educational excellence as a predicate to professional excellence
  • encourage education that prepares students to succeed in a changing world

Who is on the ACAHC Advisory Committee?

The ACAHC advisory committee is made up of physicians, nurses, business people, general public, teachers, and educators that serve as a consulting body for educational programs, and have experience in the development of curriculum pertaining to and the teaching of allied health careers. ACAHC advisory committee brings diverse perspectives to the table to discuss the practice of evaluation in allied education. Which sets standards for those who design, commission, conduct, and use evaluation. This gives us a common language and conceptual framework to guide our evaluations and discussions about evaluation. It helps us to improve the utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy of educational evaluation.

Our goal is to form a partnership with the education community, while developing standards for Allied Health Career credentialing program evaluation.

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