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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should credentialing organizations become accredited?

The credentialing organizations accreditation process assists credentialing organizations in identifying inefficiencies and areas of improvement. The standards will improve organizational consistency throughout the credentialing organizations operations, including patient care and fabrication. Our on-site surveyors take a consultative approach, creating an educational process rather than an impersonal, enforcement visit. ACAHCs standards are high, so when a facility is accredited by ACAHC it is the mark of exceptional quality.

Why Should I Avoid Diploma and Accreditation Mills?

Several national and international bodies publish lists of accreditors that are known to lack the necessary legal authority or recognition.

What is a ''diploma mill?" Why should you avoid them? And how can you tell if a degree program has no value?

Diploma mills," also known as "degree mills," tend to have drastically lower requirements for academic coursework, with some even allowing their students to purchase credentials without any education. Students may be required to purchase textbooks, submit homework, and take tests, but degrees are nonetheless conferred after little or no study. Diploma mills are motivated by profit and often claim accreditation by non-recognized or unapproved accrediting bodies ("accreditation mills") set up for the purposes of providing an appearance of authenticity.

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